IGNITE - WHO AM I? Groups A & B

Let's uncover who you're not, discover who you are & #ignite your puropse!

When: Thursday - Jauary 24, 2019 @ 7:00 PM EST (Ignite Group A) or Saturday - January 26, 2019 @ 1:00 PM EST (Ignite Group B) Where: Virtually 

What if... 

a breakthrough life change is just a Coaching Conversation away?

In life, we at Igniting Fire Coaching LLC know that it's always important to continue to move forward as well as fulfill the desire to be satisfied. Because of this, we have identified 7 Simple Ways to Choose the Right Coach. These seven reasons are provided to help you decide if Coaching is for you Now:  

  • Why hire a Coach?
  • What is Coaching?
  • What are important Characteristics and Credentials in a Coach?
  • Where to find your Right Coach?
  • Tactics in deciding your Right Coach.
  • How to overcome financial blocks?
  • Planning your next steps forward.
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Coach Alisha Willis

CEO & Founder

Igniting Fire Coaching LLC

About the CEO and Coach, Alisha Willis 

Meet the CEO & Know More About Igniting Fire Coaching: Coach Alisha is passionate about helping others move forward in life to feel more fulfilled and satisfied which is why Igniting Fire Coaching LLC was formed, just for you...to help you LIVE ON FIRE! Regardless of what Goal, Transition, Transformational life change, and or Identity breakthrough you are experiencing or are in search of, you have reached the right place. Igniting Fire Coaching was formed to be a "one-stop-shop" for your Coaching needs whether it is with Coaching (both Individual and Group), Workshops, and Igniting Fire Coaching Products to maximize your Coaching Experience. The Credentials: Coach Alisha is a Certified Professional Coach (CPC) and Energy Leadership Index - Master Practitioner (ELI-MP) through International Coaching Federations (ICF) leading Coaching Certification Institution, piece. 

Coach Alisha specializes in Identity, Self-Leadership, and Relationship Coaching. Additionally, Coach Alisha is a firm believer in Client Focused partnerships where it is about "We" not "Me" services. Igniting Fire Coaching LLC is affiliated with an amazing network of ICF Certified Coaches to maintain the integrity of the Coaching process as well as better meet your needs. Coach matching is provided at no additional charge. The Person: Among the many Coaches you can chose from, Coach Alisha brings teaching, wisdom, the passion for Coaching, and her whole self to each Coaching Session. Coach Alisha has been through and overcome significant traumatic events, life transitions, and actively pursues opportunities to help others move beyond their past to find their true Identity and happiness. Coach Alisha is a true inspiration, motivating, and has a unique Igniting Fire Coaching 3-Step, Break Through, Restoration, & Activation (BTRA) Program she leverages to help Clients achieve lasting results. Outside of the Coaching world, Coach Alisha is a big fan of the outdoors, sports, traveling, and creating opportunities to better serve others. 

Check out what people say about working with Igniting Fire Coaching ....

"Are you asking yourself if you need coaching? Are you asking yourself if you need coaching from Coach Alisha? Let me tell you, she is amazing! I completed a four part group coaching session that she had, and it was life changing! Each session built on the next. They weren’t just feel good sessions, but had substance and action items. She has an amazing gift to listen to what you are saying, understand what you need, help you to see it, and then give you action items to work on it for the next week. During the fourth session she guided me in a visualization exercise that lead to setting me free from something that had happened when I was 4 years old. In addition, with each session she gave tools to take away with you to use. Working with Coach Alisha is exceptional!"

~ Tracey Mulherin

I have worked with Coach Alisha over the past two years. She is extremely insightful and compassionate and helps me surface options and ideas that enable me to ‘unblock’ myself and move forward in achieving my goals. Her passion and desire to help me come through as sensitive, empathic and genuine. I am blessed to work with her a coach.  

~ Lorrie Smith

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